Thoughts About FIBA Eurobasket 2022

by Sport Boy
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Thoughts About FIBA Eurobasket 2022

FIBA Eurobasket 2022 ended some time ago, however, there are still a lot of talks about this tournament and its quality. I have decided to share my opinion about it as well. Why? I got angry a lot of times during this tournament seeing the job of referees, the schedule of games, comments from FIBA heads, etc. So without further ado, let's roast FIBA a bit.

The Referees Work

This was probably the most discussed thing during this tournament. Because of the continuing war between FIBA and Euroleague, the top-notch referees from Euroleague cannot work in FIBA events, and vice versa (well, we wouldn't like to see FIBA referees working in Euroleague events). And this is going on for a long time now.

By watching FIBA Champions League, I discovered and understood a lot about the quality of referees in this event. And to be frankly open, I could say that it's bad. Tons of mistakes during each game made it an unpleasant attraction to watch. Sadly, this was passed to higher-level FIBA events as well. Incompetence continues, doesn't matter how important the match is.

The way referees call for unsportsmanlike fouls is a total nightmare.

Finally, these mistakes make coaches angry, that's a normal reaction if you understand basketball. Sadly, in FIBA Euro 2022 we have seen a lot of technical fouls due to these reactions. Getting a technical foul after the mistake referee did, that what we have witnessed over and over again. Each game was followed by this strange and totally unfair action.

FIBA Opinion

Besides all the negative comments the organization got, the head of FIBA response was quite cynical. They think the judging was all right and nothing should be changed. Even though, the FIBA organization has admitted some of the mistakes and sent out some referees before the final rounds. I still think, FIBA should admit that the quality of refereeing is much worse than we see in NBA or Euroleague, and they must find a way to increase the quality of referees' work for each game.

A Hard FIBA Euro 2022 Schedule

That's one more issue with this tournament. The number of games teams had to play in a very short time was way too high. Giannis Antetokounmpo, the Greece megastar had to skip one game due to his NBA contract terms. Moreover, many other players expressed their opinion about so many games just in a few days.

Well, this tournament brings the most talented and beloved players from the whole of Europe. Not seeing some of the players on the basketball court due to too intense a game schedule just kills the attention of spectators. Many people go to these matches just because of their desire to see basketball stars. It is not only a financial issue but also decreases the viewer base. Statistically, FIBA Eurobasket is not a very popular event among many western Europe countries, so organizers should do everything in their power to attract as many watchers as possible.

Final Thoughts

FIBA truly has a lot of work to do before the next Eurobasket if they want to bring all basketball stars again. Euro isn't the tournament many players give the top priority. Some basketball superstars will choose to take the summer for rest next time they will see that schedule is planned to play 4 or 5 games in a week.

Also, the referees. Just find better ones, invest in competence increasing, or find a way to bring the same referees Euroleague has.

All this is a must if FIBA really wants to increase the popularity of this tournament, attract more viewers and fans, and of course, bring all the basketball superstars from around the world.