UEFA Nations Cup: England vs Germany, September 26, 2022

by Sport Boy
2 minutes
UEFA Nations Cup: England vs Germany, September 26, 2022

The great game is ahead of us. Bookmakers say England is the favorite of this match and it's quite interesting. While odds are 2.44 for England to win, and 2.95 for Germany, I do not see Brits as the winners here.

Why? Well, England has lost or drawn the last 5 games. The last loss was against Italy on September 23rd. Moreover, Harry Kane scored only once in this stage of the UEFA Nations Cup. Of course, Germany doesn't look so good too, but it has a lot of space to attack England through a bad form defensive line, including Harry Maguire.

Also, Jack Grealish isn't going to help today, and Trent Alexander-Arnold is left out of the squad by Gareth Southgate. Two superstars of England that mean a lot for this team. The highest caliber players who could really make a difference in this game will not run on the grass of Wembley Stadium.

The only motivation is for Southgate to prove that he can still lead the Three Lions team as his position as a coach isn't very secure anymore. Lampard or Gerard are the next candidates to take it over and it is really plausible.


I think it can be a nice bet for Germany to win with the high odds the sports bookmakers give for this game. Just because England plays at home, it doesn't make them a stronger team. With the problems, this national team has, with the row of lost games, and the squad Southgate has chosen, I don't see England winning this game. The best-case scenario is a draw.